Marc Junker is a composer, producer, and creative director based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He works at The Yetee as art director and creative director of the Yetee Records division. He spends his time producing albums from concept to finished pressing, developing and designing products (everything from vinyl records to clothing and accessories), and composing/producing music for film and video game projects. Also making music under the alias R23X. Creator of VIDEO-20XX Clothing Label (founded in 2016). He works very closely with Cloudrise Pictures Ltd and has collaborated with the likes of New Machine Studios, PlatinumGames, WayForward Games, Chuhai Labs, Crossy Road, ustwo games, Games Done Quick, Plus100, Disasterpeace, Satchell Drakes, David Parfit, 100% Electronica, EQUIP, death's dynamic shroud + more.